Durham University, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Durham, United Kingdom
Tuesday 14 to Saturday 18 July 2009


Iterated Random Selection as Intermediate Between Risk and Uncertainty
Horacio Arlo-Costa, Jeffrey Helzner

Closure of Independencies under Graphoid Properties: Some Experimental Results
Marco Baioletti, Giuseppe Busanello, Barbara Vantaggi

Category Selection for Multinomial Data
Rebecca Baker, Frank Coolen

Aggregating Imprecise Probabilistic Knowledge
Alessio Benavoli, Alessandro Antonucci

Tests of the Mean with Distributional Uncertainty: An Info-Gap Approach
Yakov Ben-Haim

On General Conditional Random Quantities
Veronica Biazzo, Angelo Gilio, Giuseppe Sanfilippo

Approximation of Coherent Lower Probabilities by 2-Monotone Measures
Andrew Bronevich, Thomas Augustin

On the Use of a New Discrepancy Measure to Correct Incoherent Assessments and to Aggregate Conflicting Opinions Based on Imprecise Conditional Probabilities
Andrea Capotorti, Giuliana Regoli, Francesca Vattari

A Generalization of Credal Networks
Marco Cattaneo

A Tree Augmented Classifier Based on Extreme Imprecise Dirichlet Model
Giorgio Corani, Cassio Campos, Sun Yi

Sets of Desirable Gambles and Credal Sets
Ines Couso, Serafí­n Moral

Concentration Inequalities and Laws of Large Numbers under Epistemic Irrelevance
Fabio Cozman

Imprecise Markov Chains with an Absorbing State
Richard Crossman, Pauline Coolen-Schrijner, Damjan Škulj, Frank Coolen

Credal Semantics of Bayesian Transformations
Fabio Cuzzolin

Consistent Approximations of Belief Functions
Fabio Cuzzolin

Epistemic Irrelevance in Credal Networks: the Case of Imprecise Markov Trees
Gert De Cooman, Filip Hermans, Alessandro Antonucci, Marco Zaffalon

Exchangeability for Sets of Desirable Gambles
Gert De Cooman, Erik Quaeghebeur

Representing and Solving Factored Markov Decision Processes with Imprecise Probabilities
Karina Delgado, Leliane Barros, Fabio Cozman, Ricardo Shirota Filho

The Role of Generalised p-Boxes in Imprecise Probability Models
Sebastien Destercke, Didier Dubois

Boundary Linear Utility and Sensitivity of Decisions with Imprecise Utility Trade-off Parameters
Malcolm Farrow, Michael Goldstein

Multivariate Models and Confidence Intervals: A Local Random Set Approach
Thomas Fetz

A Minimum Distance Estimator in an Imprecise Probability Model - Computational Aspects and Applications
Robert Hable

How Can We Get New Knowledge?
Frank Hampel

Dutch Books and Combinatorial Games
Peter Harremoës

Characterizing Factuality in Normal Form Sequential Decision Making
Nathan Huntley, Matthias Troffaes

Almost Probabilistic Assignments and Conditional Independence (a contribution to Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence)
Radim Jirousek

On the Behavior of the Robust Bayesian Combination Operator and the Significance of Discounting
Alexander Karlsson, Ronnie Johansson, Sten F Andler

Affinity and Continuity of Credal Set Operator
Tomas Kroupa

Imprecise Probabilities from Imprecise Descriptions of Real Numbers
Jonathan Lawry, Ines Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Yongchuan Tang

Reasoning with Imprecise Probabilistic Knowledge on Enzymes for Rapid Screening of Potential Substrates or Inhibitor Structures
Weiru Liu, Anbu Yue

Noise Quantization via Possibilistic Filtering
Kevin Loquin, Olivier Strauss

Nonparametric Predictive Multiple Comparisons with Censored Data and Competing Risks
Tahani Maturi, Pauline Coolen-Schrijner, Frank Coolen

Object Association in the TBM Framework, Application to Vehicle Driving Aid
David Mercier, Eric Lefevre

Natural Extension as a Limit of Regular Extensions
Enrique Miranda, Marco Zaffalon

Duality Between Maximization of Expected Utility and Minimization of Relative Entropy When Probabilities are Imprecise
Robert Nau, Victor Richmond Jose, Robert Winkler

The Pari-Mutuel Model
Renato Pelessoni, Paolo Vicig, Marco Zaffalon

Interpretation and Computation of Alpha-Junctions for Combining Belief Functions
Frédéric Pichon, Thierry Denoeux

On Solutions of Stochastic Differential Equations with Parameters Modelled by Random Sets
Bernhard Schmelzer

Coefficients of Ergodicity for Imprecise Markov Chains
Damjan Škulj, Robert Hable

Buying and Selling Prices under Risk, Ambiguity and Conflict
Michael Smithson

Statistical Inference for Interval Identified Parameters
Joerg Stoye

Shifted Dirichlet Distributions as Second-Order Probability Distributions that Factors into Marginals
David Sundgren, Love Ekenberg, Mats Danielson

Multi-Criteria Decision Making with a Special Type of Information About Importance of Groups of Criteria
Lev Utkin

Combining Imprecise Bayesian and Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Reliability Growth Models
Lev Utkin, Svetlana Zatenko, Frank Coolen

On Conditional Independence in Evidence Theory
Jirina Vejnarova

Bayes Linear Analysis of Imprecision in Computer Models, with Application to Understanding Galaxy Formation
Ian Vernon, Michael Goldstein

Threat and Control in Military Decision Making
Christofer Waldenström, Love Ekenberg, Mats Danielson